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Shutter Replacement

Our shutters have a life time warranty against fading.  To receive replacements:
  1. Take 2 up-close and 2 far away pictures of the shutters
  2. Fill out the warranty form that can be found here.
    • Mark purchase and install dates as unknown
    • Ensure you specify the correct sizes (e.g.,  1 pair - 14x71" and 3 pair - 14x59")
    • The Vantage colors used are: Indigo Blue, Black, Cambridge Red, and Midnight Green
  3. Vantage will determine if there’s “excessive fading” per #3 of the Tapco Warranty
  4. Requests are processed on Fridays and should take 2 weeks to receive.
  5. The warranty only covers the replacement not installation (6 screws per shutter).

Grande View Park shutters were made by Vantage, not MidAmerica. This is
important because the claim form, warranty, and color schemes/names are
  • Vantage and MidAmerica were purchased by Tapco Group
  • Jerry’s Siding (410-766-6800) installed Vantage shutters for Mandrin
  • Grande View Park shutters are 13 3⁄4 in.
    • Vantage confirmed their shutters are 13 3⁄4 in wide
    • MidAmerica and Builder’s Edge are 14 3/4 in wide

An alternative is to have them painted but it voids the warranty.  The following are the paint formulas from Lowes: